Day 3: Your Most Recent Dream

The third day drawing challenge is supposed to be all about the most recent dream I had. Problem is, I can’t remember any of the dreams I had; or when I last had a dream. So I decided to do something that I always want to see in my dreams – and in the real world: the sun.Now, again, I don’t know if what I did is the exact representation of what a setting or rising sun should look like; but this is how it looks for me. Rather, this is how I always envision it to look like.

So, here it is, one and all…the sun in my dreams:

And here’s one of the poems I did about the sun:

I watch the sun set

ever so gracefully;

its colors, its hues


so dramatically.

I feel so alone yet

one with it.

I feel lonely,

but at peace,

just gazing at it.

And I want to touch,

to grab, embrace it

ever so tightly

and make my heart

feel the warmth

the glow it radiates.



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