S&R CDO Members to Get Special Treats

After it opened its doors to Kagay-anons last July, S&R CDO is inviting all its members to take part in a special 3-day event.

From September 30 to October 2, S&R will have a Members’ Treat. All cardholders will get to enjoy shopping with BIG savings.


There will be Buy One, Take One offers, as well as discounts of up to 50% for some favorite items such as health & beauty products, imported grocery items, imported snacks, frozen products, fresh produce, home products, bakery goods, and ice cream.

So, mark you calendars red, check (and save) your budget, and get ready to shop till you drop at S&R!

If you are not an S&R member yet, you can still apply for a card. Simply go to S&R in Kauswagan, ask for the application form, fill it up and submit along with your one-year membership fee. You’ll get your membership long before the fun Members’ Treat event is scheduled.

Get ready to shop at S&R! See you there!!!


(If you want to know more about what S&R CDO has to offer, please click THIS LINK.)


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