Day 17: A Delicious Food

More than a year ago, I decided to change my diet. My doctor actually advised me to veer away from fried food. He suggested that I switch to grilled, steamed and any oil-free food. I also cut down on my rice intake, particularly in the evening, as rice tended to make my stomach feel heavier, which sometimes made it difficult for me to sleep.

I love different types of food. I love salads, soups (tomato, pumpkin, French onion, cream soups), pasta (any!!!), whole wheat bread and barbecues (especially chicken!). So for the 17th day of my drawing challenge, I decided to “draw” a chicken barbecue…although I don’t think it really looks like one. I don’t eat a lot of pork and beef anymore, but I’ve always loved chicken. Now, though, I remove the skin and the fatty portions! Call me picky, but I value my health and my life!

Anyways, here’s that drawing that I was hoping to perfect – but didn’t, of course! It doesn’t look mouthwatering, but it’s my best chicken-related work yet! Hehehe

One of my fondest memories is that of my mom preparing our “share” for the Nery New Year’s party in Horseshoe Village, Quezon City back in the late 80s and the 1990s. She’d work on a really hugggggeeee chicken (from Magnolia!!!) the whole day of December 31st. After stuffing it with a lot of yummy things (can’t remember what they were!), she’d let it cook inside the oven. I wish I knew how to cook chicken that way! Sad to say, I’m not a good cook. But my sister is! So maybe she and I can make Mommy’s stuffed chicken someday!

Well, that’s it for now. Happy eating, everyone! See you on Day 18!


30-Day Drawing Challenge: Day 16 – Draw Something With Eyes Closed

Ok. I really don’t know how to draw. This 30-Day Drawing Challenge thing is purely for fun. I have no right to say “my drawings are awesome” because they aren’t. But I do try my best to come up with something that’s me. So now that that’s clear, let me move on to   my new drawings.

For the 16th challenge, I did two versions. Actually, I did two drawings because I’m not so sure what the instructions really mean. It said: draw something with eyes closed. This can be interpreted two ways. First, I needed to draw something with my eyes closed. Or, I needed to draw something or someone whose eyes are closed. I did the first one and then decided to also do the second one. If it said “draw something with YOUR eyes closed”, I would have stuck to the first interpretation. But….

Oh well, enough with the blahs. Let’s move on.

So, here’s my first interpretation. I honestly closed my eyes when I drew this. And I think it shows in my drawing:

Ah…it’s supposed to be an eye. Hahaha. What does it look like to you? Well, at least I was honest. My eyes were closed the whole time I did this drawing! The first drawing I did was actually a heart. But when I opened my eyes, all that I could see on the Paint canvass was a line in the bottom part. So I decided to try again…and this is it! Quite a masterpiece, eh? 😀

As for my second interpretation, I drew a girl’s face. Her eyes are closed. My drawing looks like a rejected cartoon. Haha! I’m sorry. I hope you’ll still like what you’ll see…

She has a sad face…’cause I don’t know what goes well with “eyes closed”. Hehe.

So, that’s it for now. I hope you won’t stop following my 30-day drawing challenge posts after seeing these!

Have fun and stay safe, everyone!

30-Day Drawing Challenge: Day 15 – A Dinosaur

The last drawing I posted was way back October last year. I planned to post one or two last December, but after what TS Sendong/Washi did to my beloved Cagayan de Oro, I didn’t have the heart to draw anything for days. This new post is somewhat a reminder to myself – a reminder that things will soon become better for my city and its people…that things are slowly going back to normal.

And so, I start with my drawings again…

Day 15 in the drawing challenge requires me to draw a dinosaur. Well, I drew a dinosaur, all right…but it’s not one of those that you’ll see at the Dinosaurs Alive show at LimKetKai Mall! I got the idea from one of the many images I Googled. I think what I did was a baby dinosaur. Or rather, something that slightly resembles a baby dinosaur. (If the big bad wolf would see my drawing, he’d be awed by the BIG eyes of my dino! Hehe.)

All right, enough with the blabbering! Here’s what I did for Day 15…my baby dino!…


So, there you go! What does it look like to you? Does it even resemble a dino? At least I did my best!

Anyway, if you love dinosaurs, you still have time to check out the Dinos Alive attraction at the Atrium of LimKetKai Mall. Entrance is at Php350, and you can roam the “forest” for an hour. The doors open at 10am and will close at 9pm. Check it out if you want to see life-sized dinosaurs that move!

(My dino drawing is nothing close to the spectacular Dinosaurs you’ll see at the Atrium!)

Till my next drawing! Stay happy and healthy!

30-Day Drawing Challenge: Day 14 – Portrait of A Pet

I love dogs. So the 14th day of the drawing challenge shouldn’t have been a problem for me, right? Wrong!…I know I love dogs. I definitely love toy pugs. The problem was that I don’t know how to draw!  I found a solution, though.

I went to Google Images and searched for cartoon drawings of toy pugs; and I found one! Well, I used that drawing as my model. I don’t know, though, if what I did was a toy pug. It definitely looked like a dog; I’m just not sure if it’s anything like the toy pug I want.

Anyway, before I let you take a glimpse of my portrait of a pet, let me tell you why I love pugs. I have three reasons, actually:

Reason #1: They’re cute. Yup! No matter how “messed up” and “problematic” they look, they’re simply cute and adorable for me! There’s just something about the way they look that always makes me want to say, “Awww…it’s all right, baby!”

Reason #2: They’re cuddly!!!

Reason #3: I love small dogs…and pugs are small in a really, really adorable way!

So now you know why I love pugs. It’s time to take a peek at the portrait that I did. I hope I did justice to pugs with this drawing. Here goes nothing…


Well, I did try my best. Anyway, to justify my choice of pugs for pets, here’s a screenshot of my desktop, which shows the pug in all its adorable and cute glory!

My desktop pug ❤

Love your pets, everyone!

30-Day Drawing Challenge: Day 13 – A Freaking Baby

I’m attempting to put my 30-day drawing challenge back on track. Unfortunately, for day 13, I needed to draw a freaking baby. This became a big problem for me. First off, I didn’t really know what a freaking baby looked like. Second, I’m not really good at drawing. And finally, I didn’t want to imagine what a freaking baby looked like!

Babies are always cute for me. They’re always adorable, sweet and innocent. I cannot imagine them being not so. Nevertheless, since I wanted to go on with the 30-day drawing challenge, I had to draw a freaking baby. And guess what? I did! But I don’t think what I managed to come up with is a freaking baby. It’s more like a fusion of two very different things…or a mutation of sorts. Whatever…

Here’s what I did. And I hope you won’t shriek or jump out of your seats when you see this (I would if I were in your place!). Ta-dah!!! Presenting…my gingerbread baby!!! 😀

See? This is one unhappy baby! He doesn’t like what I did to him…Poor baby! So, to make up for this terrible image of a baby, I’m posting a real baby picture. This one is of my niece, Sandra, when she was all but a year old (she’s a young lady now!).

Babies are cute, sweet, irresistible, adorable, huggable, charming…and everything that’s sugar and spice –  and nice!….

Day 12: An Elderly Person

I wanted to draw either my lolo or my lola, but I was afraid I won’t be able to do justice to their portraits, so I decided against it. Instead, I searched for an image of an elderly person and made a drawing based on it.

While I was doing my drawing, I couldn’t help but think about my lolas – MammaIn (Perla Neri-Fortich) and Mama Chata (Soledad Reyes-Nery). I remember their baby-like smell, their soft skin, their grace and sophistication despite simplicity. I remember their smiles and their laughters. I remember them calling out my name. I remember them so vividly it’s like they’re sitting beside me. Such beautiful people, inside and out. And I miss them more.

But I’m not sad. I know they’re with the loves of their lives: MammaIn with Lolo Titang, and Mama Chata with Papa Titing and Lolo Pons. I know they look down on me and help keep me safe each day.

I love you, MammaIn. I love you, Mama Chata.


MammaIn with Lolo Titang in Corrales (now Meet Shop/Karomata):

Mama Chata with Daddy, Mommy, Connie and I in New Manila, Quezon City (sometime in the late 80s):

…and here’s my version of an elderly woman (looking down, ’cause I can’t draw one with eyes open! hehe…):

Love your grandparents! They’re one of God’s greatest treasures to you!

Day 11: Super Villain

My super villain is a representation of something that I really don’t like; something that I really fear…FIRE! Yup, I hate fire. I’m afraid of fire. It’s so powerful that it can easily (and quickly) engulf everybody!

I don’t know what it looks like to you, but to me, this drawing is a monster-like creature that also looks like a vampire. Actually, I really wanted to draw a rapist, or a thief, or a corrupt person, or an abusive person – but my drawing skills won’t allow me to. In reality, they’re the villains and the monsters of our society, not the fictional monsters that we are told about in our younger years; not the villains and scary creatures we see on TV!

Anyway, I hope you’ll like my super villain (though it doesn’t look like one!). Enjoy gazing at it! Hehe…:D